Making ammo from asteroids.

So, it’s been a few days and I have been putting my drone swarm to work against low level pirates pretty consistently. The payout for most of these runs isn’t great but if you do enough of them it all adds up. Not to mention netting the bounties some of these rats have in their heads. And during all this time I have been steadily training my piloting skills in larger ships like destroyers and cruisers. I have my eye on a coercer that I keep seeing people flying around in. The thing just has a really aggressive look to it and I have been looking into flying something other than a drone boat for a while now. Don’t get me wrong, the drones are a great weapon to fight with, but as they say, variety is the spice of life. There was also the algos, which was a step up from my little Tristan. Still a drone boat but with more hard points for turret mounting. I could take on a larger mob of rats by putting the drones on more distant targets and letting the algos take advantage of it’s inate abilities to command small railguns with more precision and power. I had to mull it over in my head what path seemed to be the smartest for the time being and came to the realization that I would need ammo for a railguns to operate properly and I would either have to buy or make said ammo. That would be a whole new task to look into but most likely worthwhile to know. There’s a whole market for ammo, ships, weaponry, and rigs that I could tap into for extra income while at the same time furnishing my own firepower. My mind was settled, time to hit the books and figure out the ways of industry. After a few hours, I had the basic handle on the situation. General industry work is pretty simple so long as you have the base materials and the blueprints needed for whatever you may be trying to make. I made my way yet again through the endless stream of people to the marketplace docks and found blueprints for some iridium rounds for my railguns and figured I’d look around at what kind of ammo was a solid seller. While hunting for pirates is a fair source of income, having stuff sitting on the market just waiting to be purchased seemed like a logical way to make some extra coin while I’m not actively blasting rats. Missiles seemed to be a hot seller at the moment so I picked up blueprints for a few types of missiles and just because I may need some extras, I grabbed some blueprints for drones as well. Armed with my new prints and a plan of action, I set off to my personal ship hangar and settled back into my venture and got prepared to go blast on some rocks instead of some rats. Last time I took it out I had noticed that a fellow miner was filling up and leaving the asteroid fields after than me so I dug into how to increase my speed and yield. Turned out that I needed some upgraded mining lasers and a couple miner circulation rigs to pick up my pace a bit and make a full load of ore even faster. I got them and fitted them up only to get caught up in some rat hunting and forget I upgraded. And now the time has come to see if the money was well spent or not. I set off away from the station and plotted my course for a nearby asteroid cluster and headed off. To my surprise, there was nobody else in the area. Being in a higher sec system, there wasn’t much for variety in the way of asteroids. There was veldspar and scordite all around and a couple plagioclase asteroids dotted in but for the most part it was basic materials. Not that I needed more than that but I’ve been told that in the low and null sec systems there much more valuable ores and lots more of them. All that comes with the added stress of the risk of death at any time due to private alliances and corporations laying claim to sections of null and protecting their claim. For now, I’ll stick to high sec and make due with crafting the stuff I have prints for. It seems like it’ll net me enough profit to eventually get into a cruiser. I locked into a few asteroids and started the lasers on their way and kicked back to let them go. I don’t know why I waited to upgrade my mining gear, I’ve only been out here a few minutes at this point and I’m already sitting on 40% of my ore hold being full. So I let it roll till my ore hold was full and set a course back to base. All this ore is great but it’s not enough. Gonna have to make a few more runs to the asteroids to get enough to really make some quantity of anything. I made another three runs to the belts over the next hour and change and hauled in a pretty solid amount of ore. Now it’s time to see how well I’ve learned to reprocess this stuff into something more usable. In the end, I had enough tritanium and mexallon to knock out a few thousand Mjolnir rockets and a few thousand iridium rounds for my guns. In all honesty, I made way more rounds for the railguns than I thought so I took about half of them and all my missiles to the market and talked to a market agent about putting this stuff up for sale. He told me that there would be a brokerage fee for having him handle everything and get my listing made and visible, but it wasn’t a severe fee. I paid the man and was on my way, happy in knowing that when my stuff sold I would be notified and have an automatic deposit to my account. On the way back to my hangar, I crossed paths with a crew of ship builders and stopped to discuss that side of the industry with them for a moment. Ship construction is a massive industry in New Eden and if I’m going to be involved in the industrial world I guess that’s worthwhile to know. They told me that the smaller class ships are actually quite easy to build up and don’t take as much material to build as I might think. That being said, I felt obligated to make a trip back to the market in search of some ship blueprints. Perhaps, making an algos or a coercer might be a better choice than buying one. I managed to find prints for both ships I was in the market for and a couple other smaller frigates called an Atron and an executioner. I was assured that the two smaller frigates were both considerably faster than some other small ships and meals and bounds faster than almost anything bigger. Of course, that all comes with the proper afterburner installed and some knowledge of how to use it, but I knew my way around afterburner propulsion pretty well at this point and was also becoming comfortable with micro warp drive use as well. I now had multiple ship blueprints to utilize for more money making opportunities, so it seemed like it was time to really buckle down and start mining in a more full time effort. This may not be the easiest thing to take on running solo like I am though, that’s a lot of mining to do to make one of each ship I have prints for. It may be time to cast aside the lone wolf attitude and start seeking out allies…

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