Making my way

So, I’ve been mining and selling along with making deliveries for about a week now. Profits are reasonable and I’ve accumulated about 5 million isk by this point so it looks like it might be time to look into a combat ship of some sort. Being Minmitar born, I have a natural affinity to using Minmitar ships but the ability to use drones seemed like a better choice for combat. There’s a lot of pirates out there in the lower factions that utilize cannons and missiles so I figured being able to hold distance and let my drones plug away might be a good idea. So I started training in the ways of gallente ships starting off with a Tristan. I have the option of picking a Tristan or an Atron but the Atron required using smaller railguns which would also mean close contact with enemies. That scares me a little bit since I’m not battle hardened or anything so the Tristan is the way to go. The ship itself didn’t have any kind of special weapon requirements on it so I was told I could fit whatever ranged weapons I felt I might be up to using. Missiles seemed like a perfect compliment to a swarm of drones out hammering away on a pirate frigate or destroyer so I got a brief overview of how to use them and what kind of missiles might serve best in my local region. I say that because the pirate factions in every region tend to steal alot of ship from whatever empire they happen to share space with and as a result have some known weaknesses. I bought all the missiles I thought I might need for an encounter and made my way to my ship. Once on board I sorted my ammo into the cargo bay and loaded my launchers and the feeders that keep them firing. A quick check over all systems showed that all I needed to do was purchase some drones and go talk to a combat agent to see what all needed to be done in the region. Combat agents are kind of like a union representative, they handle the doling out of tasks to those pilots that are interested in thinning out the ranks if the pirate factions or running small but potentially dangerous missions for the local branch of the empire military. As I made my way through the endless halls of the space station I was currently in, I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous about the thought of actively seeking out any kind of combat. I’m sure the butterflies will eventually settle there way out of my system but for the moment I need to at least look confident in front of the agent. I approached a rather uptight looking gentleman behind a counter that was denoted as a mission agent for combat related activities. He looked me up and down before handing me a small device that was to be plugged into the comms console onboard my ship. The device would connect my ships systems to the station comms and let him provide me mission details in the future right from my ship. He said that any further needs I may have from any other mission agents can be seen to by way of my ships comms now as well. I shuffled along through the crowd of people to get back to my ship and get something started, feeling fairly confident that my drones would keep enough range between me and the baddies. Once aboard again, I plugged my comm link in and found the agent in the directory. His stern looking face popped into my screen on the left side along with some text on the right side describing a need for a combat pilot of my level of experience to get their toes wet by patrolling a particular relic site that the empire had plans for. There was a moderate chance that some low ranking pirates may show up at some point and I should be braces for the possibility of contact with enemy forces and would need to defend myself and the site. While I am there I’ll have to also scope out a habitat module that had a distress beacon sent out due to an oxygen leak and pick up whatever researchers may be left there. It all seemed simple enough. Warp to a relic site, make a few laps around to see what’s what, pick up some scientists, and possibly fight some pirates(rats as I would later learn they are referred to as). With a final look over my displays and my cargo, I set off from the station. Once clear, I plugged in the coordinates for the relic site and like Chewie did so long ago, I punched it and went into hyperdrive. Once I was in a 20 kilometer range of the site, I came to a stop and got a quick survey of the area. All looked fairly clear, minus the obvious venting of gas of some sort coming from a habitation module some distance away. I started towards the scientists that were undoubtedly waiting for rescue when I noticed on my radar screen that two rats had warped in on me. It must have been an ambush the whole time, just waiting for someone to come check in on the people trapped out here. I steeled up and launched my drones and locked on to the rats ships and sent the command to the drones to advance while I started to get a little distance. I sat white knuckled for a brief moment waiting to see if my drone skills would prove to be if use, and to my satisfaction the drones swarmed the rat and started blasting away. They made such fast work of it, I sat stunned for just a second before I realized they were automatically jumping to the next target I had locked and in no time had it rendered to dust. Just as the last shot was fired, two more warped in in some slightly larger ships. Probably the backup they were ready to send in if the first two failed. I locked on and once again hit the afterburner to put some space between me and my pursuers and sent the drones to do their thing. The bigger ships proved to take a minute longer to get solid damage on but the drones know no difference and kept plugging away. The first enemy destroyer went poof and the drones went to work on the second while I made my way to the stricken scientists to make an attempt at a rescue. The drones were just finishing the last destroyer off as I scooped up the scientists and made my way to the wreckage of the first enemy fighters. There can be some solid loot in some of the wreckage and if nothing else, you can get scrap metal to melt down into more minerals to make more stuff. Once my loot was collected and my cargo hold was jammed with materials and unhappy researchers, I made my way back to the station, victorious in my first empire security mission and ready to collect my pay. I think there may be something to this security work. Gonna have to do some more work and maybe look into a destroyer of my own…

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I'm a 35 year old lab tech that has a love for video games, movies, my family and a solid grasp on the facts

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