Eve-commerce 101

With a small stockpile of materials in my item hangar, I’ve now got to figure out what to do with this stuff. After doing some looking around, I discover that in order to make anything useful out of the minerals I’ve acquired I will need some blueprints. No big deal there. In the busier high sec areas of the 4 empires, there happens to be a trade hub where you can go to buy and sell all sorts of things. You can technically sell stuff from wherever you happen to be but you will have more luck finding a buyer in a trade center. From a buying perspective, you’re probably going to be taking a flight to pick up your goods since you will likely not be where you need to be to pick up. That being said, I took a Corvette class ship and went to the nearest ITC, which just happened to be in Jita. The hustle and bustle of the place is a little more chaotic than the smaller system that I’ve been messing around in and it takes me a minute to get docked. But once I find a spot to hop out and start looking over the market terminals, I quickly discover that the load of minerals I have is actually not enough to make a ship without getting quite a lot more. On the other hand though, they are somewhat valuable on their own. So I am now debating should I sell what I have or should I go mine more to make a new ship? As I am thinking this over, a guy asked me where I was headed. I told him I was going to the Amo system, he said he had a container to be delivered one system away from there. I said that I wasn’t necessarily a delivery guy and that I wasn’t very experienced in the ways of this new universe but he was insistent that I would be just fine. It was just a small cargo container that I could barely squeeze into my Corvette and he said he would pay me 25 thousand isk (interstellar kredits) to make the journey. I reluctantly agreed to his terms, unsure of what exactly I needed to do. He told me all I had to do was load the container into my hold and fly to a station one system away from my home system and that upon entering the station, my ship would be scanned for cargo and I would get a prompt on my onboard computer. From there all I would have to do is follow the directions given and let the dock robots unload the container. Upon safe receipt of arrival, my pay should be deposited into my bank account. It all sounded pretty straightforward so I agreed and got his container loaded into my little ship and set my destination. The whole trip is through high sec space so I feel like I fare a solid chance of making my way through unscathed, yet with someone else’s stuff aboard I felt uneasy. I’ve never been much for taking on responsibility beyond what I have to, but in this place you do what you have to do to survive and prosper. So with feelings of only mild confidence, I undocked and set course for the first stargate. It was honestly a pretty quiet ride. A few people popped up in local scans here and there but nobody labeled as a pirate or a hostile. Man, 25k just for running a crate someplace. Maybe I should look further into this commercial hauling work, seems fairly lucrative and pretty simple really. I could have sworn I saw a guy selling an imicus high mobility hauler while I was in jita. Might have to look into getting one seeing how I saw them for about 50 thousand isk. As I was contemplating all of this I made the last few jumps to my target system and found my station I needed to drop off at. I halted for docking permission, got waved through into a docking gate and as I was told, a scanner flashed passed my ship and a prompt flashed onto my screen confirming that I had a cargo container for the gentleman that was to be dropped off. I found my way to a dock that was loaded down with ships of all types. There was a few smaller frigates docked but what really caught my eye was the sheer size of the battleship class ships. Made my Corvette look like a fly on an elephant. I waited around for the robots to finish unloading and made my way to a bank kiosk and checked my balance. Sure enough, 25k had been added bringing my grand total to just under 35k. I decided to hop onto a trade terminal just to look at what ships might be available to purchase in the area, in the off chance I might find a hauler somewhere near. When you get away from the larger trade hubs you tend to see less options for trades but there was a small number of ships available to purchase still. None of which suited my purpose or my budget. I had given up hope of finding what I sought after when I was approached by a younger guy that saw me browsing the ships. He asked what exactly I was after, I said I needed a hauler but wasn’t having any luck with finding an imicus out this way. He chuckled a little and said to follow him, that he may have something I’d like to have. We walked back out onto the docks again, passing cruisers that were enormous. Then past a couple battle cruisers that were even bigger. At the end of the line were two battleships that dwarfed everything we had passed as of yet, and tucked away in a corner dock was a tiny little frigate with massive thrusters and a beak for the lack of better words on the front of it. He said it looked tiny but it has rigs on it that expand the size of the cargo hold and since it is smaller and more aerodynamic than an imicus that it would align to my warp point and get going faster. In my books, speed and power solve most problems so I said I was interested but almost certainly not able to afford it. The young guy chuckled again and said it’s mine. He has been paying to store it for ages and doesn’t need it and I just happened to look like a fellow in need. Skeptical of anything that seems to good to be true, I ask what the catch is. The guy smiled and asked how much I happen to know about low sec space…

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I'm a 35 year old lab tech that has a love for video games, movies, my family and a solid grasp on the facts

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