A nobody is born…

New Eden is a dangerous place. You never know when some random pirate may get the drop on you and ruin your day. Prosper and peril may lay in wait just beyond every warp gate. While the 4 big empires control the majority of high security and low security space, the farther reaches of space known as null sec are up for grabs. Groups of individuals form corporations and those corporations then form into alliances with others. Some choose to go the lone wolf route though and try to make a living for themselves without help or backup in times of need. And trust me, those times come up often. Whether you are out mining for materials to make new spaceships or modules for them or out picking off pirates to collect some bounties, the need for some sort of assistance will arise. Enter yours truly, fully certain I can make my way alone for at least a little while. I started off in a crappy little ship that could barely carry any cargo. On arrival at my first space station, I found my way to mission agents that could give me an idea of what kind of career path to take. Do I want to be a miner and industrialist? Chipping away at asteroids and collecting the bits and pieces to refine I to needed materials and crafting spaceships doesn’t sound bad. What about a life of commerce and transportation? That is definitely an option out here. I could only imagine jumping into a gigantic freighter and flying across New Eden to deliver needed wares. Then we have the explorer path. Using sophisticated gear to scan for and track down ancient relics and wreckage to extract the goods within. I’ve been told this is a very fun but tedious job to try to take on but very profitable if you can hone your skills. Last but not least, the most dangerous but most engaging job of them, the combat pilot. These folks are both courageous and nutty all at the same time. Some go out looking for fights with pirates and some do work for the empires. Some like to go it alone to maximize their bounty intake and some prefer to run in fleets to quickly dispose of enemies. Any way you look at it, this is the most risky of all ventures in the galaxy. You yourself are not necessarily at risk thanks to advanced cloning tech that allows me to control a clone as if it was actually me. That doesn’t mean my ship and any cargo I may have are immune to being dusted, but I myself will be able to carry on. I went the route of being a miner first. It isn’t a bad racket if you enjoy fairly light engagement. As long as you are mining in a high sec system you are relatively safe. The biggest risk in mining is those other folks out there that may see you as an easy target due to light defense and a valuable cargo load. If you keep vigilant you shouldn’t have too much trouble in high and low sec systems. The day will likely come though when you didn’t see the scanner pick up an unknown pilot snooping in the system you are mining in. Then, before you know what happened, you are warp scrambled and helpless and then you’re toast. All your hard earned ore that you’ve been mining goes to the guy that just blew you up. It’s frustrating, But it happens. You get a new mining ship and find another safe spot to work. Persistence is the name of the game when it comes to mining. That’s what the more experienced pilots tell me anyways. So I saddled up and went out in my Venture class mining ship and found a nice looking system that had one other person in the local scanning window. The process of turning big space rocks I to little space rocks really isn’t all that bad. Not a physically demanding job by any means. I found an asteroid belt that was in a high sec system so I locked into some rocks and fired up the lasers. Yeah, lasers. No more pickaxes or dynamite to make a dent in rocks. We fire up a laser mining module and let it start eating I to the asteroids and a tractor system automatically pulls the spoils in to your ore hold onboard. Spend some time letting the lasers do their thing and you’ll have a full ore hold ready to go and be reprocessed into something more usable. Now that I have this done and have a hangar laden with raw crafting materials, what to do with them…

Published by cybojack

I'm a 35 year old lab tech that has a love for video games, movies, my family and a solid grasp on the facts

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